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If you are considering working with me as your doula, I offer the first "get-to-know" meeting for free. This will allow you to get to know me and decide whether or not you will benefit from my doula services. The thing that makes me the most unique amongst other Montreal doulas is that I am also trained in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and massage (although I'm not a massage therapist), all of which are beneficial for pregnancy and childbirth. I have many doula packages to offer - from very basic to very comprehensive. Check out my different packages: lite doula package; birth doula package; and postpartum doula package. Don't see a doula package that fits your needs? No problem - we can make a custom package. I am also a member of the Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec (ANPQ), and can issue insurance receipts for my services. Addtionally, if you cannot afford my fees, please feel free to email me and I can either refer you to a student doula, or assist you to find a doula that fits your budget.

Montreal Doula

This LITE doula package is a birth-only package. It offers one private prenatal session and continuous labour support.

  • *One prenatal appointment
  • *Unlimited labour support from the time you need me until around 2 hours after you've given birth
  • *Holistic suggestions for postpartum healing
  • *Unlimited phone and email support throughout pregnancy, labor and for 2 weeks following 


Cost: $600

Private Prenatal Classes only (no birth or postpartum support): $350

Montreal Doula

This birth doula package is for the woman who wants a doula present at her birth, private prenatal classes, as well as holistic support throughout pregnancy.. This is the "normal" birth doula package. This package includes: 

  • *Get to know each other meeting (free first meeting)
  • *Two or three prenatal meetings
  • *Help writing a birth plan
  • *Unlimited phone and email support throughout pregnancy and for 2 weeks postpartum 
  • *24-hour on call doula service for your birth 
  • *Continuous labor support
  • *Holistic suggestions for pregnancy, and for postpartum healing
  • *One post natal meeting (usually within 7 days of giving birth)
  • *Breastfeeding support 


First-Time Mommy: $950

Second+ Time Mommy: $850

Montreal doula

The doula services I offer are unique to other birth attendants in Montreal. In addition to my birth doula training, I am also trained in naturopathy and homeopathy - both of which come in handy before, during, and after childbirth. Since I am also a naturopath and homeopath in Montreal, I incorporate many holistic modalities in my doula packages. Included in my birth bag are: homeopathic remedies, essential oils, flower essences, and more. I also completed the breastfeeding course at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, and am able to offer breastfeeding support as well. I also offer additional services, above and beyond birth support. See below for additional services I offer:

  • *Conception & Fertility Support

*Conscious Conception

*Comprehensive health consultations (preconception, during pregnancy, and/or after childbirth & family health consultations).

*Meal planning

  • *Prenatal Classes / Childbirth Education (contact me for more information)

  • *Blessingway Ceremonies

  • *Placenta Encapsulation (This is for Montreal and surrounding areas - I will come and pick up your placenta and return it to you encapsulated, so you don't have to do any driving)

Health Consultation Cost: $150 for the first appointment (A.N.P.Q. receipts available) and $75 per hour for follow-ups *Doula clients receive a 15% discount*

Montreal doula

I offer postpartum doula services for women in Montreal (and the surrounding areas of Montreal, including the Laurentians). This is for mommies and daddies who are feeling overwhelmed and need additional support at home. This package is based on an hourly rate and includes whatever you need. See some ideas below:

  • *Laundry done on site or taken to laundromat 
  • *Cleaning 
  • *Healthy meal preparation (including meals to freeze for future use) - Can cook gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. 
  • *Overnight care
  • *A second pair of nurturing hands 
  • *Breastfeeding support

Cost: $35/hour

*Payment information: I request 1/2 of the total payment as a retainer within a week of hiring me as your doula. I also request a post-dated cheque (dated for your due date) during the first prenatal meeting. Payment plans available upon request.

**Birth doula and post-partum doula services are available anywhere in Montreal, Quebec as well as the Laurentian Mountains (English speaking doula only though). I am based in the West Island of Montreal and also serve Pierrefonds, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Rigaud, Hudson, Dorval, Ste Anne de Bellevue, the South Shore of Montreal and more! My office is currently located in Westmount, Montreal. Contact me to set up an initial meeting.

Montreal Testimonials:

 "I would highly recommend Svea to any woman seeking support throughout her pregnancy and birth.  She helped me in so many ways on my journey.  As a first-time mother I'd had a rough road... severe morning sickness and significant anxiety about childbirth.  In consulting her in her role as Naturopath, she helped me formulate my diet to relieve my morning sickness and remain healthy throughout the pregnancy.  When it came to understanding the labour process, her sound knowledge base put me at ease so many times.  She checked in on me often throughout the pregnancy and it was always wonderful to get a friendly email or phone call from her asking how I was doing. On the day I delivered my son I was so grateful for her presence.  She supported me through every stage of the process and shared in everything - my difficult moments and also the joy of when my son was finally born.  Svea has the unique combination of maintaining professionalism while remaining warm and genuine.  I love that quality about her.  She's perfectly cut out for her role.  If I decide to go for baby #2, I would want her by my side!" -EH, Montreal

"Without you, I would never have had the positive birth experience I had. Even before the labour you were helping me find autonomy, encouraging me to switch practitioners when the one I had made me uncomfortable, and helping me feel more and more comfortable in my skin. Your encouragement through the frustrating hours of early labour was priceless, as was your advice. You made me feel empowered to make the decisions that felt right for us. I'm so glad we had you at O's birth!" -TR, Montreal

"No words will ever sufficiently express the gratitude that I hold in my heart for you." - JM, Montreal

"Svea was a great support for both my husband and I as we went through the ups and downs of pregnancy. This was our first child and she helped us navigate the million and one questions and concerns that were always popping up! Thank you Svea! Baby T can't wait to see you again!" - KM, Montreal


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